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2016 CT-TSA List of Competitive Events


All CT TSA Advisors:
Attached are the survey results for HS and MS competitive events.

According to the High School results, the following events should run:

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 2D, Architecture Computer-Aided Design
(CAD) 3D, Engineering Participants, Debating Technological Issues,
Desktop Publishing, Digital Video Production, Dragster Design,
Extemporaneous Speech, Flight Endurance, Photographic Technology,
Prepared Presentation, Structural Design and Engineering, Technology
Bowl, Technology Problem Solving, Video Game Design, Webmaster, VEX
EDR, Engineering Design Essays on Technology, Fashion Design,
Manufacturing Prototype, Music Production, On Demand Video, Prepared
Presentation, Promotional Graphics, and Software Development.

According to the Middle School  results, the following events should run:

Dragster, Problem Solving , Structural Engineering, System Control
Technology , Video Game Design, Website Design, VEX IQ, Tech Bowl,
Catapult Design, Digital Photography, Flight, Prepared Speech , Video
Game Design, Children’s Stories , Microcontroller Design, Community
Service Video, Structural Engineering, Catapult Design , Environmental
Engineering , Forensic Technology , Microcontroller Design, Promotional
Marketing, CAD Foundations, Inventions and Innovations, and Junior Solar
Sprint .

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