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Awards  Video 

This year Connecticut TSA Students competed against TSA students from Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York. Special Thanks To Rhode Island TSA State Advisor Shannon Donavan and now New Hampshire Technology Education teacher Alicia Lynn for their remarkable skills and talent in setting up over 30 virtual competitions, judging and conference registrations. Also congratulations to Connecticut TSA State Advisor Jim Hutson from Killingly high School and our 2020-2021 State Officers. 

CTEEA Virtual Conference

January 27 - 28, 2021

Presentation Videos

Welcome Rich Reynolds, President CTEEA

 Teacher Recognition and Keynote Address 

Dr.  Johnny Moye, ITEEA

STEL - National Standards

Welcome and STEL Presentation

Doug Casey, Connecticut Department of Education

Student Data Privacy Law

Student Data Video

Bruce Freeman - Tech Ed Solutions

CAD/CAM/CNC Using Mastercam and Forest CNC Router

CAD-CAM-CNC Presentation Video

Don Schaer - Tech Ed Solutions

Solidworks "cloud based" solution

Solidworks Cloud Based Solutions Video

Kathy Scott - CoderZ :Why Virtual Robotics & Coding Really Works

Tech Ed Concepts

CoderZ - Virtual Robotics



Individuals  Recognized at the 2021 Virtual CTEEA Conference

For Hosting Student Teachers Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

David Gorski - Fall 2020

Stafford High School


Beth Penney - Fall 2020

Tolland high School


Rachel Kane - Fall 2020

Sedgwick Middle School West Hartford


Mike Iavarone - Fall 2020

East Haven High School


Savva Savvides - Spring 2021

South Windsor High School


Jamie Lang - Spring 2021

South Windsor High School


Adriano Borgia - Spring 2021

Cromwell High School


Thomas Gordon - Spring 2021

Maloney High School Meriden


Jill Kowalik - Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Global Experience Magnet School Bloomfield


Camille Westfall - Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Middle School of Plainville

CTE UN-Conference Sponsored by CSDE

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2021 - 2022 CTEEA Program of the Year and Teacher of the Year Information 

Wonderful things are happening in Technology/Engineering classrooms in Connecticut. CTEEA wants to recognize those individuals and groups who strive for excellence by providing their students with the best educational experiences. CTEEA/ITEEA Unified members qualify for consideration of these awards.

We are doing this through two award programs:  Teacher of the Year and Program of the Year. The top two finalists of Teacher of the Year will receive a free one year CTEEA /ITEEA Unified membership, and admission to the following year CTEEA conference.

The top two finalists of Program of the Year will receive a free one year CTEEA /ITEEA Unified membership, and admission to the following year CTEEA conference. The award recipient(s) will receive membership for up to 3 members of the department. 

CTEEA reserves the right to offer additional memberships in the category of Program of the Year due to extenuating circumstances. CTEEA also reserves the right to restrict or reduce offerings of recognition due to unforeseen circumstances or an interpretation contrary to the intent of the offerings. 

The recipients for the Teacher of the Year and Program of the Year awards will be eligible to submit an application to the ITEEA for consideration for their Teacher Excellent or the Program Excellence Awards. These awards will be presented at their annual conference. 

If you would like to recommend an individual or program for recognition, an invitation will be sent asking them to apply for an award. Please send the name and contact information of the nominated person or program to Gregory Kane, CTEEA Affiliate Representative, 27 Pitkin ST, Manchester, CT 06040, or to: gkane@aol.com.


I encourage you to apply for the awards without an invitation.  

All applications need to be submitted no later than Monday, October 25, 2021. The applications can be found at the CTEEA web site CTEEA.org and they are attached to this message. 

Applications are available to download from the CTEEA website, CTEEA.org on the RECOGNITION page.



CTEEA now offers a Unified Membership with ITEEA. Along with a reduced membership cost to both organizations unified members enjoy the full benefits offered by ITEEA as well as CTEEA. Unified members are eligible to apply for CTEEA/ITEEA Teacher (middle and high school) or Program of the Year (middle and high school) and will be recognized at both the Annual CTEEA and ITEEA Conferences



Upcoming events

No events available

Past events

January 27, 2021 CTEEA Annual conference Virtual January 2021
April 01, 2020 CANCELLED------2020 CTEEA Connecticut SeaPerch Championship (Registration Deadline March 15th)
November 05, 2019 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2019
November 05, 2019 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2018 (Exhibitor Registration)
October 07, 2019 Johnson & Wales University Tour— TO BE RESCHEDULED FOR A SPRING 2020 DATE
December 07, 2018 CTEEA VEX IQ Advisor Training
November 06, 2018 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2018 (Exhibitor Registration)
November 06, 2018 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2018
October 21, 2018 Technology Education High School STUDENT Information Day. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR STUDENTS
September 27, 2018 CTEEA-VEX IQ Programming Training
March 23, 2018 2018 CTEEA Connecticut SeaPerch Championship (Registration Deadline March 16th)
November 17, 2017 CTEEA and E-STEM Presents a Hands on VEX EDR Workshop
November 07, 2017 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2017
November 07, 2017 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2017 (Exibitor Registration)
October 03, 2017 CTEEA/Educational STEM Solutions Presents: VEX IQ Teacher Advisor Workshop
May 26, 2017 CTEEA and TECHNICAL EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Present SOLIDWORKS- A basic “hands-on” training session for teachers
March 22, 2017 CTEEA Presents a Intermediate Drone Workshop
January 26, 2017 CANCELLED CTEEA Naugatuck High School SeaPerch Scrimmage
January 13, 2017 CTEEA Presents Integrating Technology in the Classroom using Nearpod and Google Classroom.
November 19, 2016 CTEEA Manchester High School VEX EDR & VEX IQ Competition
November 08, 2016 CTEEA Annual conference Fall 2016
October 24, 2016 CTEEA Presents VEX IQ Robotics, The What, the How and the When
October 20, 2016 CTEEA/Submarine Museum and Library SEAPERCH Build Workshop
October 11, 2016 CTEEA/Masuk High VEX EDR Workshop
June 16, 2016 CTEEA-E-STEM and Renbrook present VEX IQ ROBOT C PROGRAMMING
June 15, 2016 CTEEA-E-STEM and Renbrook Present VEX IQ Mod Kit Programming
May 18, 2016 CTEEA LEADERSHIP PRESENTS; Gaming as a Curriculum Based Program
May 03, 2016 CTEEA Presents DRONES - In The Classroom
April 13, 2016 First Robotics Competition New England District Championship Week 7, April 13-16, XL
April 12, 2016 CTEEA Presents “From ART to PART” CAD/CAM/CNC Workshop
April 02, 2016 2016 CT-TSA State Conference and Competitive Events
April 01, 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Hartford District, April 1-3
March 12, 2016 2016 CTEEA Connecticut VEX IQ Championship
March 10, 2016 2016 CTEEA Connecticut SeaPerch Championship
March 04, 2016 FIRST Robotic Competition- Waterbury District, Connecticut, March 4-6
February 27, 2016 CTEEA Middletown High VEX and VEX IQ Competitions
February 06, 2016 CTEEA Danbury High VEX and VEX IQ Competitions
January 23, 2016 CTEEA Manchester High VEX and VEX IQ Competitions
January 09, 2016 CTEEA Daniel Hand High School VEX and VEX IQ Competitions
December 09, 2015 CTEEA Presents Arduino and Raspberry Pi What's it ALL About
December 05, 2015 CTEEA Masuk High School VEX and VEX IQ Competitions
November 20, 2015 CTEEA JFK Middle School SeaPerch Scrimmage
November 14, 2015 CTEEA South Windsor High VEX and VEX IQ Competitions
November 13, 2015 CTEEA Workshop VEX EDR/Metal for beginning teachers
November 10, 2015 CTEEA VEX IQ Workshop
November 06, 2015 CTEEA Annual conference
October 28, 2015 2015 CT-TSA Officer Leadership Training Conference
October 03, 2015 16th Annual Bash at the Beach off season FIRST Robotics Competition event at Lyme-Old Lyme High School
October 03, 2015 Greater Hartford Mini Maker Faire
July 13, 2015 Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Teachers Dissemination Program
June 04, 2015 CTEEA Alternate Energy Vehicle Race
May 20, 2015 CTEEA Announces AEROLAB
March 03, 2015 CTEEA Connecticut SeaPerch Championship
February 10, 2015 CTEEA Tour Groupe TOUR #1
November 21, 2014 Connecticut SeaPerch Scrimmage
November 07, 2014 TinkerCad presented by CCSU School of Engineering, Science and Technology
November 01, 2014 West Hartford TSA Chapters Train Show
October 23, 2014 CTEEA Annual conference
October 10, 2014 CCSU School of Engineering, Science and Technology VEX IQ Workshop
October 10, 2014 Robotics Engineering Curriculum Workshop
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